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Jamie Dornan needs sleep

Jamie Dornan needs sleep

Jamie Dornan "panics" if he is still awake at 10pm.

The 'Anthropoid' actor insists he and his wife Amelia Warner lead a "very quiet" existence and, raising his two-year-old daughter Dulcie and her six-month-old sister - whose name hasn't been made public - means the couple are keen to get rest when they can.

He said: "We have a very quiet existence.

"Actually, we panic if it's 10 o'clock and were not asleep. Look, with two kids under 21/2 you're just knackered all the time."

The 34-year-old actor also admitted he used to pretend to be a "rugby jock" when he was at school, while quietly enjoying himself more in the drama studio.

He told the Irish Times newspaper: "I wasn't one of those kids who wanted to be an actor when he grew up.

"But I got a real kick out of acting at school. I had to keep up appearances of being a rugby jock. Rugby was a big part of my life. I had to uphold that when round the boys. But, once in the drama studio, I unleashed another part of myself."

When Jamie was 16, his mother died of cancer, and shortly afterwards four of his friends were killed in a car accident.

The 'Fall' actor admits he is still unsure how the tragedies have affected him but remembers the period as a "horrible time".

He said: "It was a brutal couple of years. I still don't have a grip on how it will affect me. An uncle at the funeral said the impact won't hit you for years. I think about that all the time. The further you get from that the more horrific it seems. It was a horrible time."