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Jamie Bell: Missing son's achievements is horrible

Jamie Bell: Missing son's achievements is horrible

Jamie Bell hates missing out on some of his son’s big moments.

The Fantastic Four star has a two-year-old little boy with his ex-wife Evan Rachel Wood. Since the couple announced they were splitting in May last year they have co-parented their son, but it means Jamie misses seeing some of his day-to-day developments.

“We share custody of our son, which is working out well. Of course, there are now going to be elements of his life which I potentially won’t see and won’t be part of and that’s horrible,” he confessed to British magazine Hello!

Jamie grew up in a small town in the North East of England called Billingham but now spends much of his time in Los Angeles. His change of base as well as his flourishing career and fatherhood is something the 29-year-old could never have predicted.

“I always kind of have to stop and check myself because sometimes I think, ‘This is my life now? This is crazy,’” he continued. “I never anticipated this part, especially being a single father, which is an interesting dynamic. I always feel like I’m living my life in a sitcom.”

While Jamie loves being a dad, it can be hard work to keep thinking of ways to keep his toddler entertained.

“It can be quite monotonous - trying to come up with places to go with him and things to do with him when we’ve been to this park 15 million times, I’ve thrown that ball 20,000 times,” he added. “I’m not really patient and would rather do something different every day. But then, it’s also incredibly rewarding and I’m having a great time.”

The Brit has no plans to move back to England any time soon though, as he wants to be close to his son.

“These days, wherever my kid is, is where home is – at least, until he’s a little bit older,” he said.

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