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James Morrison was helped by spiritual healer

James Morrison was helped by spiritual healer

James Morrison went to visit a "spiritual healer" to help him cope with the pressures of fame.

The 30-year-old singer/songwriter decided to take a break - which eventually lasted four years - as he "was not feeling great", after shunning conventional medicine he went to a healer he advised him to "up the masculine" part of his brain.

During an appearance on UK TV show 'Lorraine', he revealed: "I was still playing my guitar but I kind of forgot about that for a bit. I went to see a spiritual healer and she was saying that I needed to up my physical, masculine part of my brain. I just started running, I did a bit of boxing, I went snowboarding, I got a little motorbike, just stuff that kind of is active and forward moving you know and it sorted me out actually.

"I was not feeling great and I didn't want to go to the doctors or anything like that so I went to a healer instead and it actually really worked it sorted me out."

Morrison's struggles have inspired his songs on new album 'Higher Than Here', in particular his latest track 'Demons'.

Discussing the song, he said: "It's mainly about self-confidence.

"It's just about not letting those inner voices, not that I'm crazy, but that inner voice that is negative or says that you can't do something. For a while it was kind of getting the better of me and when I wrote that song I was kind of out of that phase so yeah it's just about not letting your inner demons get the better of you."