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James McAvoy to 'punch' useless parents

James McAvoy to 'punch' useless parents

James McAvoy wants to "punch" parents who let their children misbehave.

The 36-year-old actor has admitted his opinion of disobedient kids has changed since he welcomed his son Brendan into the world five years ago, with whom he has with wife Anne-Marie, and he longer blames the youngsters.

He explained: "Since becoming a parent I no longer blame kids for bad behaviour. I blame the parents. I don't want to spank the kids; I want to punch the parents."

And, although the handsome star, who was raised as a Catholic, is fairly strict on his little one, he's adamant he won't force his son to go to church unless he asks to do so.

He told the Observer magazine: "I was raised a Catholic but the minute I was allowed to make my own choices, I stopped going to church. I wouldn't take my kid until he wanted to go.

"We're living in an increasingly non-religious environment and superheroes are our Gods at the moment. They're like the Norse or Greek Gods: unreliable characters with incredible powers. What's fun about them is that they're already consciously an allegory. God is never an allegory."