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James Franco mourns death of his grandmother

James Franco mourns death of his grandmother

James Franco's grandmother has died.

The 38-year-old actor is mourning the loss of his beloved grandma Mitzie Verne who passed away on Saturday (30.04.16) at the age of 93.

James - whose younger brother Dave Franco, 30, is also an actor, while he has another sibling Tom - posted a throwback photograph of himself with his grandmother on his Instagram account to remember the special family member with the caption: "She had a great life. Mitzie Vern, Grandma. Just the best. (sic)"

Mitzie was the parent of James' mother, writer Betsy Franco, and she owned the Verne Collection Art Gallery in Cleveland - which she opened in the 1950s with her husband Dan Verne - and was an active member in the National Council of Jewish Women.

She was known in the Ohio city for being a champion and expert on Japanese and Asian artwork.

Mitzie previously shared the spotlight with her grandson James when she starred in a 'Funny or Die' video wearing a Santa hat and a T-shirt which had the slogan "I kept my eyes open for 127 hours", referring to his survival movie.

And in the clip she had strong words for anyone who felt too squeamish about seeing James' performance in '127 Hours' - which features a scene in which the actor as real-life canyoneerer Aron Ralston has to cut his right arm off to save his life after his hand got trapped under a boulder.

In the video published in December 2010 Mitzie revealed she had seen James' film, saying: "I loved it. I'm so proud of you. It certainly was (enjoyable)."

When James asked her what she thought of those who couldn't bear to watch the film due to its harrowing scene, she replied: "I think they're a bunch of pussies!"