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James Corden's confusing British slang

James Corden's confusing British slang

James Corden's British slang is confusing 'The Late Late Show' audiences.

The television presenter - who hails from High Wycombe, south England - is causing a problem at the rehearsals for the American chat show, which he is taking the helm of, by using British phrases.

A source said: "We want to attract younger people who have seen 'Austin Powers' and know what 'shagged', 'willy' and 'bonkers' mean. And James and Ben [Winston; the show's producer] know there is a line that cannot be crossed, as on British TV, but there are some words which are lost in the middle ground.

"James does not push it but occasionally in rehearsals someone has to pull back and ask what 'dodgy' is, or can we find another phrase for 'knackered.'"

Despite worries about James' suitability for the role, bosses are keen on keeping him at the helm for years to come.

The insider added to The Sunday Times newspaper: "Some Americans already think Brits are obsessed with drinking - obviously people who have never seen students on a spring break - but we do not want to play up that stereotype. We want James to run this show for the next decade or more."

It is also said James, 36, may be offered an "adviser" to help bridge the cultural gap in the near future.