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James Corden: I've had therapy and meditate

James Corden: I've had therapy and meditate

James Corden has had therapy and meditates every day.

The 'Late Late Show' host revealed he has sought professional help at times in his life when he feels unsettled or out of touch with the person he knows he should be, and also practices focusing his mind daily through meditation.

He shared: "I try to be mindful. I've had little bouts of therapy at points where I felt like I was losing touch with the person I was or wanted to be. I try to do some meditation every day."

The 37-year-old star moved to Los Angeles with his wife Julia Carey and their two children Max, four, and 12 month old daughter Carey, to front the primetime show that sees him interview likes of Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Adele, and One Direction.

Despite having a string of celebrity friends he could chose to spend time with, James quipped that there is nothing quite like playing the Sega video game 'Football Manager' to give your mental health a boost.

In an interview with The Times Magazine, he joked: "I'm also well aware of the benefits of playing football manager. You're talking to someone who took Wycombe Wanderers to three consecutive League wins."