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James Bay: I only recently attended my first stadium gig

James Bay: I only recently attended my first stadium gig

James Bay had never seen a stadium gig before recently watching Beyonce.

The chart-topping singer has revealed that despite being one of the most popular musicians in the world, he only recently attended a gig in a stadium venue - and he loved it.

He confessed: "I went to my first stadium gig the other night and I saw Queen B. It was dreamy, the whole experience. I'm a big fan.

"I had never seen a show in a stadium before. It's massive and it's an absolutely amazing thing. Especially when it's someone like her!"

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old star admitted he is relishing touring with his album 'Chaos and the Calm' and does not want the experience to stop anytime soon.

He told BBC Radio 1: "We do a lot of touring, I'm slightly worried... I've been lucky that this campaign, the amount I have been able tour with this has gone on and on.

"It's gonna go on till at least till October, like a whole American tour to do as well."

However, James admitted there are some perils involved with moving from city to city in such a short timeframe, recalling one particular moment of embarrassment.

He shared: "I just about saved my own bacon when I said in Glasgow ... in Edinburgh, I'm almost doing it again!

"I went, 'Hello Gla-Edinburgh' and the whole crowd just kinda cheered, except people in the front who were like 'booooo' - they totally spotted it."

Meanwhile, James also revealed he is excited by the prospect of making new music, even though it will mean he won't be on the road for a period of time.

He explained: "I'm so excited to get stuck into new music. And suddenly terrified at the thought of not touring anymore."