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Jake Gyllenhaal: I'm a boring man

Jake Gyllenhaal: I'm a boring man

Jake Gyllenhaal is "actually" a "boring" man.

The 'Demolition' star has made a conscious decision to keep his private life separate from his career and although he accepts his fans are interested in what he does away from the cameras he insists his life is fairly uninteresting.

In an interview with The Times newspaper, Jake - whose sister is actress Maggie Gyllenhaal - said: "I think I made an unspoken agreement early in my career, without knowing it I guess, that some parts of what I do would be interesting to people - which is still sort of a bit absurd, knowing who I actually am and how boring I actually am ... I believe in the mystery of a character and the creation of an actor as they do it. It's fun. I think it should be fun for the audience to wait for another character."

Unlike the majority of actors, Jake is not a social media user.

The 35-year-old hunk - who is currently single - is bemused by other people's desire to share every aspect of their lives with complete strangers and he worries about what the long-term implications could be.

Jake - who previously dated Taylor Swift - mused: "There is now an entire generation that has been raised without a sense of privacy. I often wonder what you have to bring to people if your own life is not your own. What wonderful things can you bring that you have learnt if everybody knows about all the stuff?

"We live in a different culture today, society wants to know everything and is desperate for information just, you know, to be able to discard it for something else."