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Jade Thirlwall admits to being 'mesmerized' by Jed Elliot

Jade Thirlwall admits to being 'mesmerized' by Jed Elliot

Jade Thirlwall was "mesmerized like a little schoolgirl" the first time she met her boyfriend.

The Little Mix singer admits it was a case of love at first sight with rock star Jed Elliot - even though it took Jade months to make him her boyfriend.

She confessed: "I did sort of have to chase him for a few months to get the end results, but I'm not a quitter so I kept going, and well a year later here we are."

Reflecting back on their first meeting, the 23-year-old beauty recalled: "I went to see him for the first time at a show, and I was just like mesmerized like a little schoolgirl!"

She admitted, too, that they both have bandmate Jesy Nelson and her fiancé, Jake Roche, to thank for their relationship.

Jade told Mail Online: "Jesy's fiancé is really good friends with him. And I think it was when we were in America last year I sat down with Jake, and I said, 'Listen I've been on so many dates, and they've all fell on their a**e ... it's all going terribly wrong, so you need to help us!'"

And given how things have turned out, Jade thinks Jake is the perfect matchmaker.

She explained: "He said there's this lad in a rock band he knew, and I was remember thinking, alright I've never been with a rocker before so I'll give that a go. And here we are!"

Asked about the chemistry between herself and Jed, Jade added: "You know what, it was pretty instant. I've never had that before, so I knew that it was worth chasing."