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Jack O'Connell: I don't want to be a bad boy again

Jack O'Connell: I don't want to be a bad boy again

Brit star Jack O'Connell sometimes worries about his former bad behaviour.

The talented actor rose to fame on UK teen drama Skins, where he played troubled James Cook. He has gone on to play other damaged characters, like violent young offender Eric Love in 2013's Starred Up.

Off screen he's also had brushes with the law. He was in and out of court as youngster on charges related to alcohol and violence and even received a one-year young offender's referral order when he was 17.

"I still have to remind myself to stay focused," Jack admitted to Britain's GQ magazine. "Less so these days, but I am still nervous of what happens in my own time. I might react badly in certain situations that might hinder my future.

"So at the moment I'm between jobs. And I'm looking forward to getting back under it. I'd hate to find myself in a predicament that would potentially compromise what I'd like to achieve."

After a mammoth 2014 which saw Jack directed by Angelina Jolie in Unbroken among other things, this year (15) has been relatively quiet for the 25-year-old.

However, he has numerous projects currently in production and will be starring opposite everyone from Cara Delevingne to Julia Roberts in the next 12 months.

"I think [Cara and Cressida Bonas will] both be decent, man," Jack previously told Britain's Grazia magazine about his Tulip Fever co-stars. "I didn't work with Cress but I did work with Cara and her particular scene needed her. She needed to govern that scene and she did. She did it well, too. I think she'll go far. She's busy. Busy. Apparently.

"Brits abroad man. It's a good time to be British in America."

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