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Jack Black talks horror family tree

Jack Black talks horror family tree

Jack Black’s entire nuclear family is into “scary things”.

The 45-year-old actor shares two young children with wife Tanya Haden, his high school sweetheart whom he married in 2006.

In forthcoming movie Goosebumps Jack portrays legendary author R.L. Stine, whose horror books for children have sold over 400 million copies as of 2008, and the funnyman finds it amusing that his sons have adopted his taste in entertainment.

“I was into scary things, horror films, I was more of a sci-fi dude, really, the first book I read when I was a kid was A Wrinkle in Time, a great early childhood mindbender,” Jack told Collider, noting he and Tanya haven’t introduced any R.L. Stine or other horror titles to their tykes.

“No, we haven’t been reading the scary books yet. What have we been reading to the kids? They’re really into Captain Underpants, but we’ll get there. Tommy’s into it, my six-year-old is really into scary movies and stuff so I know that he’s gonna like those books. Not really scary movies but scary movies from the ‘40s, so you know, they hadn’t really figured out how to make things actually scary back then; I don’t know if you’ve seen Invisible Man from like 1932 or whatever, not scary at all, just funny and not on purpose.”

Jack’s children somehow know a lot about what is popular within the horror community, even though they are not exposed to the genre at home by their parents.

However, the tykes aren’t engaging in anything too intense.

“No Saw! Oh my God!” Jack responded when the interviewer jokingly asked if his children were into watching Saw franchise movie marathons. “But somehow Sammy, my eight-year-old, was like aware of the Saw guy, just his face from like internet memes and stuff and he thought it was like a cool, funny thing, he had no idea the horror behind that creature’s face.”

Goosebumps reaches American theatres October 16.

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