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Jack Black's family inspiration

Jack Black's family inspiration

Jack Black was inspired to have a family by Andy Serkis.

The 46-year-old star worked alongside the 51-year-old actor in 'King Kong' and decided he wanted to have children of his own after growing close to the Serkis family and their three kids, Ruby, Sonny and Louis.

He shared: "One day I was over at their house and they were putting the kids to bed and asked me if I wanted to read them a story, a bedtime story, and I was like, 'Sure.'

"It was a funny book about aliens - I can't remember what it was called - and they were laughing and really looking over my shoulder at the pictures in the book and I thought, 'This is great. I love this. I want to do this.' That's when my biological clock started ticking. It's not just the ladies, you know."

During Jack's time working on the movie, the cast and crew regularly held "little gatherings" and invited their families along.

He added to The Times magazine: "Here [Andy] was, doing this incredible performance in the movie and I was admiring him as an actor and seeing his relationship with his wife and kids. It seemed so nourishing and great and part of who he was.

"The cast was really close, and every weekend we would have a little gathering and everyone would bring their kids along and we'd be hanging out and I thought, 'That looks like an amazing thing.'"

Jack and his wife Tanya Haden are now proud parents to Thomas, seven, and Samuel, nine.