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Isabella Cruise dismisses parental rift speculation

Isabella Cruise dismisses parental rift speculation

Isabella Cruise has blasted claims she doesn't speak to her parents Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

The 23-year-old make-up artist's famous mother and father were not present when she married her Max Parker at a secret Scientology wedding at the Dorchester Hotel in London last September but she insists that's not because they're on bad terms.

Isabella - who is known as Bella - said: "Of course [we talk], they're my parents. Anyone who says otherwise is full of s**t."

Tom claimed he couldn't attend the wedding because of his busy schedule while it was rumoured Nicole - who was in London at the time - wasn't invited because she is labelled a 'suppressive person' by Scientology leaders.

And Max - who isn't a Scientologist but confirmed his wife still is - admits he was upset the 'Mission: Impossible' star wasn't there to give his daughter away.

Asked if he was bothered, he said: "Yeah. It is what it is."

While Bella thinks Max would make a great father, she isn't keen to start a family yet.

She told "I'm 23, so we'll see. I'm still a baby myself."

Despite Nicole and Tom's combined wealth of around $600 million, Bella and Max have rejected financial support and live in a modest one-bedroom house.

IT specialist Max insisted: "I'm still a regular guy."

Asked if Bella's detached herself from the fame and fortune side of her life, he added: "Yeah, you could say that. It's more [of a] weird [situation] for everyone else."

Meanwhile, Max's parents, Beverly and Lester Parker, also missed the wedding as they feared it would be a "media circus".

Beverly said: "We didn't go but we knew all about it. We stayed away, we didn't want the media circus.

"The pair of them are lovely, I'm very pleased for them both and they're very happy."

And Beverly has no interest in meeting her daughter-in-law's famous adoptive parents.

Asked if she wanted to meet them, she said: "No, no, there's no need for that.

"At the end of the day they're just people aren't they?"