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Independent woman Zoe Saldana

Independent woman Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana has always been "independent to a fault."

The 'Infinity Polar Bear' star - who has five-month-old twin sons Cy and Bowie with her artist husband Marco Perego - thinks it is ironic that she lives in a house full of men because she grew up surrounded by women and was raised to never rely on guys.

She said: "I call it absolute irony and I call it a purpose. It was meant to be that way. There's a lesson that the universe needs me to learn. It's not like I've had issues with men; I've always just been independent to a fault. I've always believed it's my birthright to behave as an equal on this earth and to be entitled to everything and anything. That said, I've had my experience of heartbreaks when it comes to choosing partners who wanted to be equals bud didn't have the ability to actually reciprocate the respect."

While Zoe loves having a supportive husband, the 'Avatar' star thinks there is still a lot of gender inequality in Hollywood, which is why she decided to launch her own production company with her sisters.

Speaking to the July issue of InStyle magazine, she said: "For every five opportunities a man has, a woman has only one. We won't succeed until we say, 'F**k this one job! Let's create our own opportunities.' What if we don't have to compete with each other."