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Iggy Pop: Americans are cruder than Brits

Iggy Pop: Americans are cruder than Brits

Iggy Pop thinks American's are instinctively "cruder" than Brits.

The 69-year-old musician - who was born in Michigan - explained that American voters, unlike their British counterparts, have taken to Donald Trump's abrupt nature because they are less inclined to skirt around the awkward issues of the day.

Asked to explain the allure of Trump among the US's working-class population, Iggy told the Sunday Times newspaper: "Would it be fair to say that part of being polite in the UK is skirting direct truths and instead sneak around and bite the person in the ass?

"In America, we are a cruder race and people put a lot of value of sincerity, it's a huge deal in the US. And the problem is only sincerity that a large group of people can agree is 'boffo' sincerity - a boffo is like a clown, a vulgarity. That's what appeals to people."

Meanwhile, Iggy revealed his wife of eight years, Nina Alu, has a big say in his political decisions, explaining they share a similar frame of reference.

He shared: "My wife, who is a summa cum laude college graduate - oh yeah, Georgetown and then Howard, is a very conservative people.

"Both of us are from economic and sociably modest backgrounds. Don't f**k with her, though."

Two years ago, Iggy revealed that he and his wife twerk around their house whenever a good beat comes on the radio.

The musical star - whose real name is James Newell Osterberg - said: "When something with a good beat comes on, I twerk around the house with my wife.

"Her father's Nigerian and she can twerk. And I try. I like to shake that thing."