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Iggy Azalea rushes dog to vets after pet swallows foreign object

ShowbizBy Sunday World
Iggy Azalea rushes dog to vets after pet swallows foreign object

Iggy Azalea had to rush her pet Bulldog to the vets after she swallowed a mystery object.

The 'Team' rapper noticed her beloved mutt wasn't acting like her usual self and so took her to see a doggy doctor in Los Angeles.

The veterinarian decided to give Space Jam an X-ray to check what was wrong and discovered she had eaten an odd item.

Iggy - who also has another Bulldog Jelli - took to her Twitter account to share a photo of the X-ray with her 6.1 million followers in a bid to see if any of them could tell her what the object was.

She tweeted: "Not sure what it is, but space jam ate it. and now its stuck inside her. (sic)"

Iggy was asked by her followers if Space Jam would require surgery to remove the item or whether nature would take its course and it pass through her system, but she didn't offer an answer.

Having a sick dog has rounded off a miserable past few days for the 25-year-old pop star.

Earlier in the week, Iggy had to suffer the indignity of a video leaking online which showed her fiancée Nick Young admitting to his Los Angeles Lakers teammate D'Angelo Russell that he cheated on her.

She is yet to directly comment on his comments in the footage.