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Iggy Azalea: Nick and I are boring

Iggy Azalea: Nick and I are boring

Iggy Azalea thinks she and Nick Young are "really boring" for "half the year".

The 'Team' hitmaker admits her fiance's Los Angeles Lakers schedule is really "tough" so they only get to have "fun" when the season ends.

She said: "Half the year we're really boring, and then half the year we're fun.

"[Nick has] a really tough, grueling schedule for half of the year ... so we don't really get to do too much fun, spontaneous stuff with the season going on."

But once basketball season is over, Iggy and Nick - who appeared to confess to cheating on the rapper in a recent leaked video - make the most of their time together.

Iggy told People magazine: "When summer comes, that's when we really get to enjoy each other's company and go on vacations.

"We like to do little kid things - we still like to go to theme parks. He's very into roller coasters, so am I. We just like to do things to keep it fresh and keep it fun."

Away from her personal life, the 'Fancy' hitmaker has been working hard on new album 'Digital Distortion' and has promised the record will be very honest, and address issues such as her public disputes with the likes of Macklemore and T.I..

She said: "It's speaking a bit more directly about the ups and downs I went through last year and how I feel about a lot of it.

"I felt like because it was so public, it was important for me not to gloss over it or not acknowledge it

"I just wanted to confront it head on and let people know, 'OK, I acknowledge - these things happened, these are my thoughts about it, these are some of the things that I can laugh about it now that it's in the past.' I didn't want to be that person that pretends like it never happened."