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Iggy Azalea has no tax problem

Iggy Azalea has no tax problem

Iggy Azalea insists she doesn't have tax troubles.

The 25-year-old star was recently revealed to owe $391,056.55 to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in income tax from 2014 but she has branded the claims "lame" as she is actually paying the bill in monthly installments.

She tweeted: "they exaggerate everything. the IRS gave the option to pay them monthly or lump sum. i picked monthly, who wouldnt? (sic)"

Last week, video footage emerged of the 'Team' rapper's fiance Nick Young appearing to confess to cheating on her, and Iggy believes her tax situation was only made public because there was no more "Nick mess" to discover.

She continued on twitter: "but its funny to me because made the deal like 2 months ago but they are trying to make it into something now because they were hoping some more nick mess would happen and now that it hasnt and its getting boring they need 2 create something else

"its super corny, but i know the way it works this time around and its expected. im ready for another season of the iggy novela.

dude, its SO lame. its basically pulling up someones credit card bill that they pay in full every month on time...

"its like writing "iggy pays a mortgage on her house every month!" and trying to make it a story. its not a story. lol.(sic)"