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Iggy Azalea asks fans to help name ducks

Iggy Azalea asks fans to help name ducks

Iggy Azalea has appealed to her Twitter fans to help her name three ducks.

The 'Fancy' hitmaker's swimming pool has become home to three birds and she has reached out to her followers for help in choosing the perfect monikers for them.

She shared on Twitter: "i came home and they were still here and jelli and space jam havent eaten them yet ...

I need to name my Ducks. There are 2 boys & a girl. I was gonna call them Bernie, Hilary and Trump but i dont wanna do the last Duck dirty. (sic)"

Earlier in the week, the 25-year-old singer shared pictures of her garden's new inhabitants, joking that she had adopted them to become her pets.

She wrote: "They're back and they brought a girlfriend! Im trying to make friends. I dont use it, they are welcome to hang out if they would like. They're here again, listen. Clearly they are my pets and I need to name them. (sic)"

Meanwhile, Iggy has always had a unique connection with animals and she previously admitted horse riding has "saved her life".

She explained: "Sometimes I say they really saved my life and gave me my confidence back.

"I just really wanted to have a hobby while I was recording my album and taking some time off. I felt like - OK - well, music used to be my hobby before it was my job. So, I've sort of lost my hobby. I started riding, and six months into that I was just enjoying it so much, I wanted to get my own horses. Now I have two!"