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Idris Elba's crush on Meryl Streep

Idris Elba's crush on Meryl Streep

Idris Elba has a crush on Meryl Streep.

The 43-year-old actor admitted he became so star-struck when he met the 67-year-old actress that he could barely speak.

Idris said: "My celebrity crush is Meryl Streep. When I met her, my tongue swelled up in my mouth!"

Idris also revealed his that he looks for "patience and understanding" in a woman and he had his first girlfriend at the age of 11.

He told Us Weekly: "I met my first girlfriend at the age of 11. She was lovely. She wouldn't let me kiss her, though."

Idris' close pal Tom Hiddleston, is currently dating Taylor Swift, after the couple met at the Met Gala and shared a dance but Idris revealed he also danced with Taylor at the same bash.

He said: "I danced with Taylor Swift at the Met Gala, and Anna Wintour a couple of times, too."

Meanwhile, Meryl may be Idris' star crush but he is also the object of affection for a number of famous women, including Rebel Wilson.

The actress presented the award for Best Supporting Actor at the BAFTAs in February and started flirting with the 'Beasts of No Nation' actor, telling the room full of A-listers how "nervous" he made her feel during her speech.

She said: "Sorry Idris Elba you're making me a bit nervous, I'm just psychologically programmed to want chocolate on Valentine's Day."

The blonde beauty also got star struck by the amount of good looking actors nominated, and joked that she was excited about "consoling the four losers".

She quipped: "Five really attractive men have been nominated and I really look forward to congratulating the winner, although I'm looking forward even more to consoling the four losers."