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Idris Elba: I've stayed true to my East London roots

Idris Elba: I've stayed true to my East London roots

Idris Elba has promised to stay true to his East London roots.

The 43-year-old actor is among the most in-demand stars in Hollywood and has been widely touted as the ideal candidate to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond - but Idris is keen to stay in touch with his humble beginnings.

Despite his recent successes, Idris insisted: "I think my heart and my blood are definitely still in East London."

He said too, that despite his starring roles in 'The Wire' and numerous Hollywood movies, he's remained true to who he's always been.

He told Notion magazine: "I feel like if you spread out my veins, it would be all over East London."

This comes shortly after Idris admitted to being a "workaholic", likening himself to his 'Luther' alter ego Detective John Luther.

The multi-talented entertainer said: "John Luther is a workaholic and I'm a workaholic. I throw everything I've got into whatever I do. Whatever it is. And I think John does the same.

"If I want to do something, I'll do it - break dancing at the end of a movie trailer, adding a verse on a rap song, racing rally cars. Why not?"