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Ice-T is a conscious dad

Ice-T is a conscious dad

Ice-T is a more "conscious" parent to his baby daughter than he was with his older children.

The 58-year-old rapper and wife Coco Austin welcomed little Chanel into the world in November and has been able to concentrate a lot more of the little girl than when his daughter Letesha Marrow, now 39, and son Tracy Marrow Jr., 23, were born and he was trying to establish his career.

He said: "I think the clarity that I have with this child. When I had my first kid I was in the middle of the wildness of becoming Ice-T, all the people that were after me, and I had my head down.

"I really wasn't concentrating on them, I was concentrating on survival. Now, everything is a lot more mellow. We bring the baby home, she's crying, I see her, they sleep with me every night. I'm really witnessing her grow everyday, so I'm more conscious of it."

The 'Law & Order: SVU' star is an incredibly proud father and can't resist showing off pictures of Chanel.

He told People magazine: "I'm taking a lot of pictures. I'm that same guy that you go, 'Oh, my daughter..' and before I know it I'm showing you pictures. I said that I'm not going to be that guy.

"But now I'm just like, 'Wait, look, and, 'Wait, look at this one,' and, 'Wait a minute, hold up'. You can't help it. You're just happy."