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Hulk Hogan training hard for a wrestling match

Hulk Hogan training hard for a wrestling match

Hulk Hogan is training his "ass off" for another wrestling match.

The 62-year-old grappling legend is currently out of the sports entertainment business after WWE terminated his contract last year due to revelations he used a racial slur in a secretly recorded sex tape dating back to 2007, which captured a rendezvous that took place in the wake of his separation from his now ex-wife Linda Hogan.

Hulk was last month awarded $140 million by a court in damages from website Gawker, the outlet that posted a clip from the footage in October 2012, for invading his privacy and now he's won that fight he wants a return to the ring.

Detailing his training regime, he posted on his Twitter account: "Now is time for "shoulder/ab/cardio" day! I'm training my ass off so I can be ready if a match ever breaks out anywhere HH (sic)"

Hulk is keeping his arms - which he has always referred to as his "24 inch pythons" - as big as possible for the bout he hopes is in his future.

The multi-time world champion - who has not competed in a televised match since he battled Sting in TNA Wrestling event 'Bound For Glory' in October 2011 - wrote in another tweet: "It's "ARM DAY" brother,just keeping them bigger than your normal wrestlers leg "lol" Watcha Gonna Do ?!?!? brother HHHogan 4Life (sic)"

Gawker Media - founded by Nick Denton - is currently appealing the jury's decision to award Hulk $140 million in damages for invading invaded his privacy and are requesting they pay no more than $1.875 million in total to the 'Rocky III' star.

Hulk - real name Terry Bollea - has not had an official match in WWE

(World Wrestling Entertainment) for 10 years.

His last involvement in a bout was at 'WrestleMania 31' when he and his nWo stable mates Kevin Nash and Scott Hall interfered in Triple H's match against Sting.