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Hozier felt love of fans after phone mistake

Hozier felt love of fans after phone mistake

Hozier felt a lot of love from his fans when he accidentally posted his phone number on Twitter.

The 25-year-old singer/songwriter published his cell digits on the social media website when he was retiring his old phone and getting a new one, but rather than being tormented by trolls he was inundated with "sweet" calls, including voicemails from fans singing to him.

Hozier said: "At the time I was, and I still am, jarred by people's excitement at seeing me or talking to me. Most of the phone calls were very sweet; it was people who were going about their day who had a spare few minutes and thought it was a hoax, but rang and got through and were pleasantly surprised.

"I got a lot of voicemails of people changing the lyrics to my songs and just singing them at me, sending their own little messages. It was a very strange experience, this fandom that I wouldn't normally be aware of."

The Irish musician has enjoyed a phenomenal rise to success since releasing his first EP in 2013, and he admits he could never have predicted how successful his debut single 'Take Me To Church' - which became number one in 12 countries - would do.

When asked if he expected to become so successful and well-known, he told The Guardian newspaper: "Certainly not so quickly. I didn't think 'Take Me To Church' would be a charting or a global or radio hit, so that took me by surprise; I thought it would be appreciated by a much smaller audience. So I feel very fortunate."

Hozier capped off an incredible 2014 by performing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London last December along with Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.