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Hilaria Baldwin: We are worth as much as a man

Hilaria Baldwin: We are worth as much as a man

Hilaria Baldwin has urged her daughter to "never let anyone belittle you for your gender" in the wake of the US presidential election result.

The 32-year-old star - who has Carmen, three, Rafael, 16 months, and Leonardo, one month, with her husband Alec Baldwin - wrote an emotional message on Instagram for her eldest child and appeared to hint at the election result, which saw Donald Trump take the White House over Hillary Clinton.

She wrote: "My little woman, my little lady ... my princess, my smart, brilliant, bright future. Never listen to anyone belittle you for your gender. We are strong women and worth every bit as much as any man. We are not things to be owned or objectified.

"There is nothing wrong with feeling beautiful - just understand that true beauty is transmitted from deep inside your soul and shines outward. I worry you might get confused ... I worry that you could fall for misogynistic thoughts and statements. Because there seems to be so many flying around these days - in such high places of power. You are too good for this. We all are. Every woman is (sic)"

And Hilaria went on to tell her daughter to always "be kind and confident" and to "own her amazingness".

She added: "Feeling sexy, attractive, special, and wanted is only meaningful if it comes from the right person. You don't need that attention from anyone who doesn't respect you wholeheartedly. They have their own lives to lead, their own problems to figure out. And we can only pray that they will find a path of goodness. Don't feel power in their meaningless thoughts and idiotic statements. Sometimes this is how some figure out their demons.

"Those who treat others this way most likely had something terrible happen to them. We must show compassion for their pain, while, at the same time, protect ourselves. Anyone who doesn't treat you with the utmost respect is not worth you time. Always be kind, confident. Just nod and walk in the other direction - towards true power, happiness, and grace. Waste no energy. Own your amazingness ... stick together with those who see you and treat you brilliantly. So you can do the same for them #karma #love (sic)"