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Hilaria Baldwin's labour love

Hilaria Baldwin's labour love

Hilaria Baldwin "loves" giving birth.

The 32-year-old beauty is currently expecting her third child with her husband Alec Baldwin and has admitted she's looking forward to going into labour because she enjoys the effects the drugs she's given throughout have on her.

Speaking to Fit Pregnancy and Baby magazine, she said: "I'd originally wanted to have my kids without drugs, but I ended up having epidurals for both. It gives you just enough relief, so you feel happy and present but not numb. With Rafa, I laboured without one for 15 hours, and I was in extreme pain. Then I got the shot, and suddenly I was smiling. I love giving birth, probably because of the drugs."

The brunette yoga instructor has three-year-old daughter Carmen and 12-month-old son Rafael with her spouse but believes her third pregnancy has been the most difficult.

She said: "So many women give up. They think, I'm a mom now, so I'm always going to be out of shape. No! I'm of the opinion that just because we're pregnant doesn't mean we're sick. Let's be strong and in the best shape possible."

And, although she's due to give birth later this year, Hilaria - who married Alec in 2012 - still jogs 16 miles a week.

She added: "I still jog four miles, four days a week, though I plan to switch to swimming soon.

"I do barre class three times a week. And I do yoga every day. For me, it's all part of having a healthy mind-set."

Alec, 58, also has 20-year-old daughter Ireland with his ex-wife Kim Basinger.