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Helena Christensen still uses old car

Helena Christensen still uses old car

Helena Christensen hasn't bought a new car in nearly 30 years.

The 47-year-old supermodel-turned-photographer insists she doesn't lead an extravagant life and rarely splashes her cash on herself.

Asked her biggest extravagance, she said: "Buying my family in Denmark business class tickets to visit me in New York and taking them to whatever restaurants I want.

"Beyond that, I don't live extravagantly. I still have the same car and apartment I had when I was 19.

While she has had the same apartment for 28 years, Helena doesn't always get along with her neighbours.

She said: "The last time I lost my temper was recently, at my neighbour. People tell me I'm mellow but if something really gets to me I will explode.

"If I see something unjust, I can go crazy."

The Danish beauty admitted she finds it frustrating that there is so much information available about her online and she much preferred living in her "own little bubble".

Asked what from her past she'd like deleting from the internet, she told Grazia magazine: "All of it. I was so happy before the internet came, just living in my own little bubble.

"The fact that no one knew s**t about me suited me just fine.

"I would like everything gone, even the photos I have for my job.

"I was happy just having them in magazines. I have no need to have everything out there."

And Helena admits she regrets some of her past friendships - though she wishes she didn't.

She said: "I regret hanging out with people I really didn't care about, opening up too much or being vulnerable.

"But I regret regretting those things, it's a waste of time."