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Helen Wood and Charlotte Crosby have Twitter war

Helen Wood and Charlotte Crosby have Twitter war

Helen Wood and Charlotte Crosby have become embroiled in a Twitter war of words.

The outspoken former escort and the 26-year-old reality TV star are at loggerheads over Helen's comments on Charlotte having sex on TV, branding the 'Geordie Shore' girls "disgusting" for their televised antics in the bedroom.

In her Daily Star column, Helen wrote: "I find the Geordie lasses disgusting, it's like they have Jack all to offer besides a f***y.

"I'll even back that twonk Gaz Beadle in saying they're 'boring without vodka' - they ain't much to look at either, so getting sloshed and riding d**k is all they've got."

Helen also said Charlotte had been "banged more than a taxi door", but then defended Zara Holland, who was recently stripped of her Miss Great Britain title after having sex on 'Love Island'.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the remarks have led to a frank exchange of views between the pair on Twitter.

Charlotte wrote: "it's very sad that people these days are in some kind of competition, as to who can say the nastiest, vilest things in their 'Columns'....

"All I can say is the vile/ boarder line bullying words that come out from your mouths say more about YOU. Then the person they are aimed at. (sic)"

But then Helen hit back at the reality star, saying: "Cannot belieeeeve how eggy people get over reality stars who couldn't give 2 f***s if they croaked it tomorrow (sic)"

Later, Helen added: "So Writing your opinion is now 'bullying' when did our country turn into a nation of wet farts

"If that's the case, I'm bullied everyday (sic)"

Helen also retweeted a number of supportive messages from her followers, before she stressed she had no personal problem with Charlotte and was merely observing her on-screen antics from afar.

She explained: "We've not clashed, we don't know each other to clash. I've written my opinion based on how she acts on a program! (sic)"