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Helen Hunt mistaken for Jodie Foster

Helen Hunt mistaken for Jodie Foster

Helen Hunt was mistaken for Jodie Foster at Starbucks.

The 'As Good As It Gets' actress took to Twitter to reveal that her barista mixed her up with 'Money Monster' director Jodie when she placed her order.

She tweeted: "Ordered my drink @Starbucks Asked the barista if she wanted my name. She winked and said. "We gotcha" #JodieFoster (sic)."

Helen added a picture of a cup with the name "Jody" written on it.

This is not the first time Helen, 52, has been mistaken for 53-year-old actress Jodie, and in 1994 she told chat show host David Letterman about how people often confused her with the star

She said: "Last Thanksgiving it was my job to buy the Thanksgiving turkey, and I was in the supermarket and I got to the checkout counter with my 100-pound turkey, or something, and the guy is checking me out and says, 'You're Jodie Foster'. And I said, 'I'm actually not, thank you.' 'No you are, I know you're Jodie Foster.' 'I'm begging you, I'm not, I'm really not'.

Helen had to show him her ID before he would believe her and then he withdrew his offer to give her the turkey for free.

She explained: "No more free bird at all. He wanted to give me a free turkey, and then I'm not Jodie Foster, so pay up."