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Heidi Klum is having 'fun' with boyfriend

Heidi Klum is having 'fun' with boyfriend

Heidi Klum is having "a lot of fun" with her boyfriend.

The 43-year-old model has only been dating her toyboy lover Vita Schnabel for two years but she's teased that "a lot of things are happening" between them and their romance is perfect.

Speaking to E! News, she said: "I'm having a lot of fun with him. A lot of things are happening right now. What else needs to happen? Everything is great the way things are."

Despite her affection for the 30-year-old hunk, the blonde beauty is adamant she doesn't want to get married again following her failed unions with stylist Ric Pipino and singer Seal - with whom she raises children Leni, 12, Henry, 11, Johan, 10, and Lou, seven - in case it all goes wrong again.

She said recently: "I love being in love, like when you have butterflies in your stomach and when you feel great. I celebrate all the romance -- I'm quite old-fashioned that way. I don't know, I love enjoying life and celebrating the love and being happy."

Asked if that means she'll consider walking down the aisle again, she added: "I've done it twice and it didn't really work out for me, so why hurt something when it's all good the way it is."

Meanwhile, Red Hot Chili Peppers rocker Anthony Keidis recently spoke of how his brief but "intense" 2002 romance with Heidi was one of the "most beautiful memories" of his life.

And, although the German supermodel was taken back by the comments, she was very flattered to hear his fond recollection.

She said: "Obviously, it's very nice when you still get along with your ex in a way or someone you have dated in the past.

"And you know, we had a very special time together. I never really thought that anyone knew anything about that. It's funny that he brings it up after so many years."