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Harry Styles tells Ed Sheeran: Buy more posh cars

Harry Styles tells Ed Sheeran: Buy more posh cars

Harry Styles encouraged Ed Sheeran to buy a posh car.

The 'Thinking Out Loud' hitmaker has revealed he gifted one of his team members a Porsche but the One Direction star - who is known for his love of top motors - told him to stop being so "relatable".

Ed told the Daily Star newspaper: "I give good bonuses. I gave my sound guy a Porsche for Christmas ...

"Harry had a right go at me and said, 'I get it, you're relatable, now get an Aston Martin!'"

Meanwhile, Ed - who drives a Mini Cooper - previously revealed he considered quitting music.

He recalled: "There came a point when I wanted to quit. When I thought, 'This is horrible. This isn't going to work.'

"It was December 2010 and I'd sold out Cargo in Shoreditch, the biggest show I'd ever played. There were 500 people there ... even my dad turned up."

Despite the success of his show, the 'Lego House' hitmaker felt like he would never make it as a successful artist.

He added: "After the show, I was drinking with my dad and loads of other people. One by one, they started leaving. My dad said, 'Do you mind if I get off?' Then it was just me and the bar staff.

"I was really drunk, but very aware that I had no money on me at all. I'd spent all the cash I had buying people drinks. 'This isn't great,' I thought."