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Harry Judd releases zombie perfume

Harry Judd releases zombie perfume

Harry Judd is releasing a perfume that smells like zombies.

The McFly drummer is launching a unisex fragrance that mimics the stench of decaying flesh and also acts as a zombie repellent should an army of the undead rise from their graves and take over the world.

Harry has created the scent, Obfleshion, Eau de Walker, with online streaming service NOW TV to mark the launch of the sixth series of 'Walking Dead' on the network and FOX this month.

Speaking about his putrid perfume, the musician said: "I'm a huge fan of the show and am dead excited to see what happens in the new Season when it launches on NOW TV and FOX next week. It was great to sink my teeth into filming the video and I'm pretty confident I could give Rick Grimes a run for his money in a zombie apocalypse - especially now I have the Obfleshion fragrance as a secret weapon against the Walkers!"

Obfleshion, Eau de Walker - which is "Pour homme. Pour femme. Pour survivor" - was created in partnership with The Perfume Mistress Tanya Moulding and uses a mixture of odious ingredients to evoke the rotting stench of Walker flesh.

Tanya revealed: "In order to create the Obfleshion scent I had to blend key components that would best replicate the pungent base notes that are reminiscent of putrefying flesh. The heart note sets the core character of the fragrance and for that I used Clary Sage and tuberose absolute to a heavier, sweet and fleshy note of rot and decay. I then combined ingredients such as Mushroom absolute, Ruby Gromwell and Geosmin to create a cadaverous, musty base note of rotting corpse and damp vegetation."

Anyone interested in smelling like a zombie can go to NOW TV's Facebook page ( from Thursday (08.10.15) to try and win their very own limited edition Obfleshion fragrance.

You can watch the 'Walking Dead Season 6' contract free on NOW TV - information available at - with an entertainment month pass for £6.99 from Monday October 12.