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Harrison Ford criticises 'self-obsessed' youths

Harrison Ford criticises 'self-obsessed' youths

Harrison Ford thinks the youth of today are "self-obsessed."

The 73-year-old actor doesn't believe the generation of young people have it in them to "make a difference" to the world because they are not interested in anything other than their own selves.

He said: "Do I think our youth can make a difference in the world? No not really. Too self-obsessed. They have no desire to seek the truth."

And the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' actor thinks selfies are "ridiculous" and doesn't understand why people get so concerned about their own popularity on social media.

Asked if he has ever taken a selfie, he fumed to GQ magazine: "No. No! It's ridiculous. What is a culture that obsesses over a number of 'likes', or the number of followers one has on social media? It's a disaster.

"Self-obsession is devouring our need to find answers."

Meanwhile, Harrison - who admits he was "a hippie" when he was younger - was branded "difficult" and lost his first contract, a seven-year deal with Columbia Pictures, for being unhappy with their ideas.

He recalled: "I did a year and a half and got kicked out for being too difficult.I was very unhappy with the process they were engaged with, which was to re-create stars the way they had been done in the Fifties.

"They sent me to get my hair pompadoured like Elvis Presley, photo in hand, all that s**t for $150 a week."