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Hailee Steinfeld recalls pyjama panic

Hailee Steinfeld recalls pyjama panic

Actress Hailee Steinfeld once went to the supermarket still wearing her pyjamas - and didn't realise.

The Pitch Perfect 2 actress can be a little lazy first thing in the morning and sometimes chooses more time in bed over getting ready for the day ahead. However, she was once left publicly embarrassed by her time-saving approach.

“I would lay my school uniform out on my bed the night before and sometimes if I was too tired to get out of bed to get dressed then I would get dressed in my bed and I still do that because I’m lazy,” Hailee laughed while taking part in an interview for MTV’s Firsts. “I was getting ready in my bed and I put my shirt on, rolled down what I already had on, put my skirt on, put some shoes on and I was ready to go.

“Then I’m standing in the checkout line and all of a sudden this lady behind me started laughing at me and I couldn’t understand why but then I looked at the ground and my pyjamas were still on. I just remember being completely humiliated and feeling really hot and just thinking, ‘This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.'”

Hailee shot to fame with a role in the 2010 movie True Grit, in which she played a teenager trying to track down her father’s murderer. Her performance landed her an Oscar nomination and a whole host of new fans – some of whom were older than she realised.

“This girl came up to me and she was a couple of years older and she said, ‘Hey, I didn’t see your movie… but my dad did and he really loved it. Could I take a picture of you?’” Hailee giggled. “And I was like, ‘Oh yeah, thanks! Tell your dad I said hey.”

Hailee was also asked to divulge details about her first audition during the interview. While she may have impressed movie bosses and landed a series of roles in the past few years, she wasn’t always so confident showing off her acting skills. One particular experience has left a bitter taste in her mouth when it comes to a popular sweet snack.

“I was auditioning to be represented by an agency and I had to read a monologue from a Snickers commercial,” Hailee recalled. “I remember getting it, reading it, feeling really overwhelmed, crying and I don’t know if I even went through with it. I have a love-hate thing with Snickers now.”

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