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Gwyneth Paltrow struggles with daughter's meat-free diet

Gwyneth Paltrow struggles with daughter's meat-free diet

Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter is a fussy vegetarian.

The health-conscious Hollywood mum reveals young Apple was born a vegetarian and she won't touch eggs.

"She is not interested in anything that's not vegetarian," the Oscar winner told fans at a launch event for her new cookbook It's All Easy. "If I try to give her meat she would spit it out.

"I'll never forget one time in London I had gotten this beautiful organic free-range duck from the local butcher. It was in a plastic bag and there was blood in the bag and she was about three-years-old, and she looked in the bag and said to me, 'Is that blood? Why are you going to eat that?' She just won't eat it, so it makes (my son) Moses a little bit more dubious about food, but he will try more things than she does."

The actress admits she loves cooking for her kids, but breakfast can be a bit of a chore.

"I cannot personally wake up and eat; I have coffee," she explained. "For my kids, I can't take them to school unless they have something to eat. I find breakfast difficult because my daughter is vegetarian and she won't eat any eggs. And my son doesn't like breakfast either; he's like me and asks for coffee in the morning!"

And Gwyneth, who has enjoyed macrobiotic and raw food diets in the past, insists she's not as strict a mum as some people might think.

"I don't believe you should not let children have sugar," she told WENN. "It's important that the foods they eat at home are packed with nutrients and good for them, but if you tell a kid you can never eat an Oreo (cookie); first of all that's cruel! Oreos are incredible... Imagine never having experienced that, or a Coke. These are great things.

"It's just about a balance. I don't get hysterical about it. My mum was really strict with us when we were little about health food and I would go to friend's houses and then raid the candy jar!"

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