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Gwyneth Paltrow loves French fries

Gwyneth Paltrow loves French fries

Gwyneth Paltrow would eat French fries "every day" if she could.

The 'Iron Man 3' actress - who has children Apple, 11, and Moses, nine, with ex-husband Chris Martin - was previously renowned for her strict macrobiotic eating habits but insists she is not a "good dieter" and is much more relaxed about her eating habits these days.

She said: "I don't believe you should rule out any kind of food. I believe in enjoying life.

"I'm not a good dieter and since I've had kids, I have loosened up a lot.

"My favourite 'bad food'? French fries. I would eat them at every meal if I could."

And the 43-year-old star insisted she is "realistic" when it comes to allowing her children treats, so long as they balance them with "healthy" options.

She told You magazine: "You can't tell them, 'No Coke, no cake.' It is not realistic.

"Their favourite foods are pasta and french fries. It's about trying to augment that with something healthy."

Gwyneth - who is dating producer Brad Falchuk - admits food is incredibly important to her.

She said: "Food means everything to me. When you walk into a kitchen and smell something simmering on the stove, you get a sense of home.

"Food creates a feeling of togetherness and nourishment."