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Gwen Stefani has suicidal fan

Gwen Stefani has suicidal fan

Gwen Stefani's obsessed fan threatened to kill himself after she fell over.

The No Doubt star recently secured a three-year protection order from Richard Portnoy, and testimony claimed he went to her house after seeing pictures of her tripping, saw her dad Dennis Stefani and told him he didn't know if he could keep living if she had hurt herself.

Portnoy - who lives in a gated community and drives a number of luxury cars, including a Porsche and a Mercedes - showed up at the singer and husband Gavin Rossdale's house a number of times with flowers, candy, cards and letters.

According to TMZ, one of the letters detailed how the obsessed fan felt the 45-year-old singer was unhappy in her life and he would be able to change it for her.

Dennis applied for a restraining order last month, and his documents claimed Portnoy has gained access to information about where his daughter has medical treatments and attempted to contact her on March 16, and has also been to both his and Gwen's house three times since February.

The restraining order means Portnoy isn't allowed any contact with Gwen, her husband Gavin and their three children, Kingston, eight, Zuma, six, and 12-month-old Apollo, as well as Dennis and his wife Patricia, and must stay 100 yards away from the family.

Dennis filed the documents because he and Patricia were worried Portnoy might turn up at their home, or Gwen's, again.