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Grimes desperate for Game of Thrones role

Grimes desperate for Game of Thrones role

Grimes has asked to audition of 'Game of Thrones' "numerous times."

The 28-year-old singer is desperate to secure a role in the fantasy drama series but doesn't think bosses of the show will want her because her management have put her forward for an audition many times and they're starting to get annoyed with her agents' perseverance.

She explained to InStyle magazine: "I think my management have asked numerous times whether I can audition for the roles. They're probably getting annoyed with me!"

The sixth season of the popular American drama came to an end three months ago and Grimes - whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher - was "depressed" after the finale.

She said: "I am actually quite depressed about it. Like when 'Harry Potter' ended, I was literally depressed about it for seven years."

But the 'Genesis' hitmaker has decided to take up another hobby to fill the void of 'Game of Thrones' and is planning to train as a UFC fighter once she finishes her current tour.

She said: "I'm just finishing up on tour and then I'm gonna start training for the UFC. I would like to spend the next two years training for the UFC. Upon failing that then I will return to music. I'm really serious. I haven't had a beak since before Visions I've been touring and you know I just really wanna go at something else. I have a lot of energy, I love working out. I'm obsessed with the UFC.

"I just really want to become an elite fighter. I'm actually dead serious about this. I mean I'm not gonna make it into the UFC, obviously."