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Great grandfather Sting

Great grandfather Sting

Sting thinks he's a better grandfather than father.

The 64-year-old singer has son Joe, 39, and daughter Kate, 34, with ex-wife Frances Tomelty, and sons Jake, 31, and Giacomo, 20, and daughters Mickey, 32, and 25-year-old Eliot, aka Coco, with spouse Trudie Styler never thought about becoming a grandparent but admits he absolutely dotes on his four grandchildren, three of whom are his oldest son's, while Jake is father to one.

Asked what he's like as a granddad, Sting said: "Probably better than I was a dad. Stupidly, it wasn't something I anticipated - you think with six kids I would. But it's a wonderful feeling.

"I've really enjoyed watching our children being parents and, if I'm asked for advice, I will give it."

Sting is very proud of the way all his children have turned out and nothing makes him happier than being complemented on his offspring.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, he said: "I don't think I have spoilt my kids. If there is one compliment that pleases me the most it is how great my kids are, or how polite, smart and connected with the world they are... and that fills me with pride more than anything else.

"My kids are smart and wonderful people. I hope they pass that on to their own kids."

Most of Sting's kids have followed him in his creative footsteps, with Joe being the singer and bassist in Fiction Plane, Coco is also a singer, Kate and Mickey are both actresses, while Jake is a film and documentary maker.

Though he admits to being an anxious "stage mother", Sting won't take any credit for his children's talents.

Asked what it's like to watch them perform, the Police star said: "It's kind of like an out-of-body experience. You know, I have the usual stage mother anxiety, but that's quickly dispelled by admiration and puzzlement about where they got some things from.

"I recognise myself in them but then they always do something that really surprises me, and I can claim nothing on that particular innovation or thing that they are doing."