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Gordon Ramsay banned from school parents' evening

Gordon Ramsay banned from school parents' evening

Gordon Ramsay has been banned from school parents' evenings.

The 49-year-old chef - who has kids Megan, 17, 16-year-old twins Holly and Jack, and Matilda, 14, with wife Tana - missed one meeting to discuss his offspring's progress, and then at the next one, he breached protocol and was asked to leave - then received an email asking him never to return.

He admitted: "I failed at turning up for parents evening at my kids' school.

"And then when I went to the next one with my youngest, Tilly, I asked the headmaster for a selfie, after which I got kicked out, and so I really f***ed that one up! The following day I received an email saying, 'Can you please refrain from the next parents evening - we do not need the presence of Mr. Ramsay.' "

The culinary legend turn 50 in November but has no desire to retire.

And unlike other chefs, Gordon believes he hasn't let his success go to his head.

He told Vegas magazine: "I started from zero and it's so incredible. So I can't sit back at 50. Am I ready to stop? No.

"I've found the balance in terms of family, profession, and then this sort of empire size. I have seen so many chefs fall to the wayside because they got wrapped up in the glamour of fame and adulation - it's gone to their head and they are turning out a pile of shit behind the scenes.

"That would be the death of me - I couldn't live with myself on that one."

Gordon hopes his down-to-earth attitude will be his "legacy".

He said: "My legacy would be just like my mum taught me: It's important to share and keep both feet firmly on the ground. Continue with that and I think I'll be in business a long time."