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Giovanna Fletcher: McBusted will reunite

Giovanna Fletcher: McBusted will reunite

Giovanna Fletcher says McBusted will reunite.

The 31-year-old author and television personality - who has two-year-old Buzz and eight-month-old Buddy with Tom Fletcher - is confident that the supergroup, which comprises of Tom's band McFly and Busted, will make a return to the stage.

Asked if her sons' prefer McFly or McBusted, she said: "There was a time Buzz only wanted to watch McBusted because he was obsessed with Matt [Willis]. But lately he's turned his attention to McFly and is in total awe of the boys. We went along to soundcheck while the McFly boys were on tour actually and it was so cute to see Buzz jumping around on stage with them ...

"McFly have been in my life for a long time and will always have a huge hold of my heart. McBusted was like a romantic holiday fling which you just have to embrace and run with. I'm sure all the boys will work together again in the future, but it's been fantastic to see the four McFly guys on stage together playing their huge back catalogue!"

The 'Dream a Little Dream' novelist - who has teamed up with Cadbury Daily Milk Buttons to help children and their parents understand about food provenance - can't believe how old her son is getting and says he comes out with the funniest things now he can talk.

She added: "Well Buzz is properly talking now and makes us laugh all the time with the things he says. He regularly talks through what we're about to do, as though it's a checklist and then has a little chuckle at the end - as though he's chuffed with himself for being able to say it all. It's adorable.

"We've recently been watching 'The Little Mermaid' and as a result he's become obsessed with boobs - which always makes for a comical conversation."

Cadbury has teamed up with Giovanna Fletcher to create a short news film showing where the milk in Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons comes from. To watch the film go to or tweet them on @CadburyUK.