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Ginnifer Goodwin 'keeps forgetting' pregnancy

Ginnifer Goodwin 'keeps forgetting' pregnancy

Ginnifer Goodwin "keeps forgetting" she is pregnant.

The 'Once Upon A Time' star admits she and husband Josh Dallas - who are expecting their second child together - are constantly struggling to remember they have got a little one on the way.

She said: "It's terrible! We keep forgetting that we're pregnant - my husband and I both. I'll lean up against something and I'm like, 'Oh there's a belly there!'"

The 37-year-old actress - who already has 20-month-old son Oliver - says the couple are equally struggling to come up with a name for the little boy as they've already used their favourite choice on their first son.

She added to Entertainment Tonight: "We're trying on different things. It's hard because we are having a boy and we blew it. I mean, not blew it, but Oliver to us is like the best name on the planet.

"So, how do we follow Oliver with another name that's just as stunning?"

Meanwhile, Ginnifer previously gushed about motherhood, admitting her and Josh would love to have as many kids as they can.

She shared at the time: "We'll have as many [children] as the universe will grant us. [Motherhood is] so much better [than I thought]. It makes me feel like acting is not at all creative, but being a parent, anybody who's a parent I want to like give an Oscar to."