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Gina Rodriguez: I've 'fallen' into Hollywood pressure

Gina Rodriguez: I've 'fallen' into Hollywood pressure

Gina Rodriguez feels pressured to look a certain way.

The 'Jane The Virgin' star admits she has learned to accept her body for what it is and isn't worried that a camera adds 10 pounds.

She told Yahoo Style: "In real life, I slay [but] of course, I've fallen into the pressure. 100 percent I've fallen into the culture [of looking a certain way].

"[You think] if you look like this swimsuit model then you're hot and everybody's going to want you and money's going to flow through and everything's going to be great and dandy, and that's bulls**t.

"You go to television and film, and it does at 10 pounds. I don't look like a skinny minnie, and the truth is, that's OK, too, and that is beautiful also."

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old actress previously admitted fame has also made her relationships and friendships "a little more difficult".

She explained: "Relationships and friendships have gotten a little more difficult. You have to keep a real and honest and clear passageway with everybody in your life.

"You can't allow the yes men to get in your head because the hype can be scary."