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Gina Rodriguez: I know nothing about Britney!

Gina Rodriguez: I know nothing about Britney!

Gina Rodriguez “doesn’t know anything” about Britney Spears’ Jane the Virgin role.

Britney revealed that she will be filming a cameo for the hit TV show, in which Gina stars as protagonist Jane Villanueva, in a tweet earlier this year.

And while fans are desperate to get their hands on some details of Britney’s involvement in the series, even Gina herself is being kept in the dark.

“I don't know anything,” Gina insisted to Extra when asked about the cameo. “Jennie [series creator Jennie Snyder Urman] doesn't tell me anything, because she knows I would tell you guys everything!”

Gina has achieved critical acclaim worldwide for her role as the accidentally artificially inseminated virgin Jane in the programme.

And while the 31-year-old admits she doesn’t get long to learn the lengthy scripts for her episodes – she says she doesn’t mind the impromptu nature of the process.

“I get the scripts the day before I start shooting,” she continued. “Think about life – you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. It’s kind of nice to live in the moment, right?”

Gina’s star is getting brighter and brighter thanks to several roles on the horizon, including starring alongside Kate Hudson, Kurt Russell and Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming movie Deepwater Horizon.

But while Gina is becoming something of a household name, the glamorous side of fame isn’t something she has become used to as yet.

“I don’t think you can ever get used to photoshoots or red carpets or any of that,” she laughed. “I’m definitely like a 14-year-old any time I do any of that.”

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