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Gillian Anderson offered half David Duchovny's salary

Gillian Anderson offered half David Duchovny's salary

Gillian Anderson was offered just half David Duchovny's salary for 'The X Files' reboot.

The 47-year-old actress was stunned by the deal she was presented with to reprise her role as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully as she knew exactly what her co-star was going to be earning.

Gillian said: "We got the phone call with what the offer is, we knew what David's offer was this time around and it was twice as much as my offer was. Which is stupid really because I'm going to find out and worked really hard for parity back then and was kind of shocked."

Gillian admitted it was "silly" for the deal to be so low as she has always fought to match her 55-year-old co-star.

Speaking on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', which airs in the UK tomorrow (12.03.16), she said: "[It was] last year. Yes. I don't know, it was silly. It's always been that David's team does the negotiating and then I just say, [I want what he's having] basically."

The 'Fall' star understood why her contract was lower than David's when the show began in 1993, but once it took off in popularity, she made moves to renegotiate

She said: "I knew that from the beginning and there was a reason why [David Duchovny was being paid more than me] because I was starting from nothing and he had just done a big film but there was a certain point where we were doing the same amount of work and it was time to renegotiate. And I did."