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Georgia May Jagger: I'm a dork

Georgia May Jagger: I'm a dork

Georgia May Jagger is a "massive dork".

Despite being one of the most in-demand models in the world, having super-famous parents Sir Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall and being able to look A-list friends like Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne in her phone, Georgia insists she is not cool and actually spends a lot of her time watching nature documentaries and reading up on odd facts.

Speaking to the new issue of ES Magazine, she said: "I feel incredibly uncool all the time, because I'm a massive dork. Like, I watched an hour-long documentary this week about cuttlefish. [That's fairly dorky] Yeah. I'm into like, weird facts and funny things like that, and I'm not, like, supercool. I'm just happy to chat with everyone."

Georgia, 24, also laughs when people talk to her about her famous fashion pals, and she says most of her friends are from her pre-modelling days, including Suki who she knows from school.

She shared: "I've got all my siblings, obviously - I'm really good friends with them, and I have, you know, Cara and Suki. Suki I've known since we were in school together. People always say we're model friends, but actually I knew her before that. People are funny about it - they always ask me about my friends assuming all my friends are going to be famous people, and I'm like, 'Well, I could list all my friends right now but you won't know who any of them are, so...' "

Georgia also doesn't aim to have a 'squad' like Taylor Swift, because she isn't interested in labelling her friends.

She added: "I don't like any of those words like that. I'm not a fan of those kinds of hashtags and things. Naff."