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George Michael leaves £50million to sister Melanie

George Michael leaves £50million to sister Melanie

George Michael has reportedly left £50million in his will to his sister Melanie Panayiotou.

The 55-year-old make-up artist - who also used to cut her brother's hair as she travelled with him - is set to receive the lion's share of the icon's huge £105million fortune following his death from heart failure on Christmas day (25.12.16).

His eldest sister, Yioda Panayiotou, 57, is also expected to inherit a chunk of his pro­perty empire.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "George was very close to his sisters, and the understanding is that they're going to inherit most of his wealth, par­ticularly Melanie who he was incredibly close to.

"She was there at many of the big milestones in his life, and was there by his side until the very end. George was very family-orientated and even in his death he's shown that. He was keen to see them well looked after for the future."

However, George was estranged from his cousin Andros Georgiou, but his relative has insisted the star wanted to "make peace" with him before his death and they had hoped to meet up in the New Year to sort things out.

Andros - who revealed the pair fell out over George's former wild lifestyle - said: "He was feeling better about stuff and he'd stopped being naughty. But there was much pain in his heart. I think it just gave up. He felt like he had let people down.

"He had swapped drugs for drink but he was doing better. Now he's gone it's devastating. We only heard when we put on the news - on Christmas Day. None of us know what happened. We just don't know anything."

Meanwhile, George's publicist has issued a statement from the family and friends of the late musician to thank his fans for their love and support.

They said: "The family and close friends of George have been touched beyond words by the incredible outpouring of love for him in the hours and days since his death.

"Contrary to some reports, there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, and from the bottom of our hearts we thank those who, rightly, have chosen to celebrate his life and legacy at this most distressing of times."