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George Michael close to Kenny Goss again

George Michael close to Kenny Goss again

George Michael has become close with "the love of his life" Kenny Goss again.

The 53-year-old singer - who is dating celebrity hair stylist Fadi Fawaz - was with his Texan art dealer ex for 13 years from 1996 to 2009, but the pair have been meeting up recently.

A close friend said: "George and Kenny are back spending time together again and it's an exciting time for those of us who have been so worried over the last few years.

"There have been some really dark periods for George, especially during the time apart from Kenny.

"It was never straightforward but Kenny is the love of his life and is really good for him, so this is very good news."

Fans are hopeful a musical comeback is "much more likely" for George now he is close pals with Kenny again.

The pal added to The Sun newspaper: "There has been a lot of false starts with George's career over the last few years.

"He keeps on getting close to doing something again, but simply hasn't been ready. There's been a lot going on for him.

"But a full-fledged comeback feels much more likely with Kenny back on the scene to keep George happy and balanced."

George has had a tough time of it since splitting from Kenny, including crashing his car into photo shop Snappy Snaps in 2010, receiving a six-month driving ban and an eight-week jail term as well as being struck down with a "life-threatening" bout of pneumonia.

He also fell out of a moving car onto a motorway in May 2013, and last year he visited a Swiss rehab clinic.

His pal Jake Panayiotou said at the time: "He's not well. I can't say any more but we're just wishing for him to get better."

Another pal said: "Everyone has been very worried about George. The advice has been very clear, 'You need to seek help or die'."

George confirmed he had split from Kenny two years earlier on the opening night of his 'Symphonica Tour' in 2011, admitting he stilled loved him "very much".

He said at the time: "In truth Kenny and I haven't been together for two and a half years.

"I love him very much. This man has brought me a lot of joy and pain.

"My love life has been a lot more turbulent than I've ever let on, and I'm so sad about my relationship with Kenny. I'm sorry for any pain."

George has also previously admitted that after his mother Lesley died of cancer in 1997 there would've been a "very strong possibility" he could have taken his own life had it not been for the support of Kenny.