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George Lopez offers Prince's family financial help

George Lopez offers Prince's family financial help

George Lopez has reportedly been helping out Prince's family financially.

The comedian was a close friend of the late musician - who passed away suddenly at his Paisley Park home last month - and George has advanced some family members $20,000 "to cover living and travel expenses" while his estate is being divided up.

Prince never created a will for his assets, reputed to be worth around $300 million, and following his death some of his siblings, who he had been generous to during his lifetime, have now been cut off.

George has reportedly given them money for living expenses to tide them over for now.

Meanwhile, it was recently claimed that Prince's sister Tyka Nelson - who has been granted the right to be executor of the estate - stormed out of a meeting with the singer's siblings about his estate.

Tyka, Prince's younger sister, met brothers Alfred and Omarr in Minnesota to discuss the singer's estate, but after a two-hour meeting in which Alfred expressed his frustration at Tyka's decision to exclude him from Prince's memorial service, a row erupted.

The brothers reportedly feel that Tyka believes she is entitled to a great proportion of Prince's assets.

But under Minnesota law, all six of Prince's siblings are entitled to an equal share of his estate, which includes a musical catalogue of his work and potentially thousands of unheard songs.